Glass Models

Here shows all of the different glass products that we currently sell.


  • Cobalt Regal Wine Glass

    This is our Cobalt Regal Wine Glass which is our most prestigious glasses and now in blue!

  • Decanters

    These are our Bespoke Decanters that are a perfect way for you to keep everyone's glasses topped up at your next event.

  • Firing Glass

    Our Bespoke Firing Glass. Perfect for your Lodge anniversary, to give a personalized glass to everyone!

    Our service comes in to its own if you would like your own Lodge banner engraved on the glass. Contact our service team if you want more details at [email protected] 

  • Mirelle Crystal Wine...

    This is our Mirelle Crystal Wine Glass.

  • Premium Whisky Glass

    This is our Premium Whisky Glass.

  • Regal Wine Glass

    This is our Wine Glass that is used for our most prestigious glasses.

  • Rose Bowl

    This is our Bespoke Glass Rose Bowl that can be lovingly engraved to your order.

  • Standard Whisky Glass

    Here you can see our Plain but quality standard whiskey glass, at only £11.95 it is one of our best sellers.

  • Tankards

    This is our Bespoke Tankard that is great for any occasion.

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